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Cold plates

features included:

  • Cost-effective and excellent performance

  • compatible with water and a range of coolants

  • Reliable and leak-free


  • Exposed Tube Coldplates

  • Multipass Exposed Tubes

  • Full Baried Coldplate

Whar are cold plates?

Liquid cooling, also known as cooling with liquid, is a very effective way to remove high heat loads from components. This is a natural evolution beyond air cooling where either due to thermal requirements or footprint requirements. A liquid cooling loop for contact cooling typically consists of a cold plate, pump, heat exchanger, and pipes or hoses. COFAN USA’s custom liquid cooling component cold plates is compatible with water and a range of coolants.

Dimension: 100 mm x 50 mm x 8 mm

Weight : 0.1 kg

Heat dissipation : 100 w

Dimension: 425 mm x 425 mm x 20 mm

Weight : 4.5 kg

Heat dissipation : 1000 w

Dimension: 410 mm x 400 mm x 13 mm

Weight : 5.8 kg

Heat dissipation : 2700 w

liquid copper tube system

Spec of Epoxy High Performance Thermal:

Application Features


Viscosity @ 25 ºC

Specific Gravity @ 25 ºC

Shelf Life @ 25 ºC

Shelf Life @ 0 ºC


150,000 cPs

2.2 g/cc

10 Days

6 months

* Storage methods and temperature will affect the shelf life

Curing Procedures

Curing Temperature

100 ºC

125 ºC

155 ºC

170 ºC

Curing Time

4 hours

2 hours

30 minutes

5 minutes

Curing Procedures

Chemical Type

Appearance Uncured

Appearance Cured


Heat Capacity

Key Substrates


Continuous Use Temp

Tensile Strength AI/AI @ 25 ºC

Thermal Conductivity


Gray Paste

Dull Gray Solid

One component

0.7 l/g-K

Metal, Ceramics

92 Shore A

-40 to 180 ºC

> 2900 psi

4.5 W/m-k

Test Method






ASTM 2240



ASTM D5470

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