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Thermal / mechanical

Thermal Design Engineering


With more than 20 years of experience in thermal solution management, we are able to combine our CFD analysis and thermal engineering know how to help our customer over come some of the most complicated thermal management challenges. We offer a holistic approach to the thermal management needs of each project to ensure the design pass the minimum required temperature for the product to function, and most of the time we exceeded that expectation. COFAN aim to become the “one-stop” shop for all our customers’ thermal engineering and manufacturing needs.

Custom Mechanical Design

Aside from thermal design engineering, we offer a wide range of mechanical design solutions. Our engineers have extensive experience with extrusion, sheet metal enclosures, injection molding, vacuum forming, die-casting, and precision machining. With a diverse client base, we have been able to adopt ideas from one industry to another and consequently offer a fresh perspective to finding new solutions. We have experienced engineers that specialize in the fields of Electrical, Thermal, Optical, and Mechanical Engineering as well as machine programming.

Tools for Assisting Product Development

» Computer-Aided Design
» Autodesk® AutoCAD
» PTC Creo Elements – Pro/E
» SolidWorks

Complete Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

Detailed Technical Specifications / Product Requirements

  • Complex Mechanism Design

  • Design Validation / Optimization

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Testing and Quality Standards

  • Manufacturability / Sustainability Assessments

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