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Technology and innovation

The LED lighting industry is constantly evolving with higher powered diodes producing brighter lights at the expense of heat. Engineers around the world look for thermal management solutions that just work, and that’s where COFAN’s innovative technology comes in.

COFAN has unique and patented technology that dissipates extreme heat in the most demanding of applications. COFAN’s Super Pillar technology is our patented technology that is proven to dissipate heat more than 100 times better than a conventional MCPCB.

We utilize the Super Pillar technology as part of our solution for UVC LEDs, which have historically suffered from a short lifespan due to the extreme heat and radiation that is inherent in UV lighting. Combined with a ceramic substrate, COFAN offers the unique UVC Ceramic PCB.

COFAN, working with its customers, also developed the Ultra-RF MCPCB, designed to meet all high radio-frequency needs like those found in routers, Bluetooth, and microwave satellites.

For most LED applications, we recommend using FR-4 PCBs. For high powered LEDs that use more than 2 watts, we recommend either MCPCBs or our Super Pillar technology.

UVC Lighting

UVC Ceramic PCB™️

Learn about how COFAN's R&D team approached the problems surrounding UVC lighting and developed the UVC Ceramic PCB™️.

Super Pillar™️ Technology

COFAN's Super Pillar™️ is proven to move heat from the diode thermal pad to the base layer alloy 100 times faster than conventional MCPCBs.

Super Pillar Layers
Team Design

Unique Projects

We specialize in custom designs and love a good challenge so please feel free to contact us!

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