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CFD Analysis

Cofan's CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Cofan's CFD is particularly beneficial for organizations with fluctuating simulation needs for their applications, those without dedicated simulation experts, or those looking to leverage cutting-edge simulation software without the associated costs and complexities.  CFD makes advanced simulation capabilities and Design Analysis Tools accessible to organizations without requiring them to invest in high-end hardware and software infrastructure.  This allows users to have access to state-of-the-art simulation software, enabling users to leverage advanced features and models.  Organizations can avoid upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses associated with maintaining in-house simulation infrastructure.   These same organizations that utilize our CFD also benefit by having direct access to our Design Development Process and  thermal engineering design team.  Our thermal engineering design team is able to provide heatsink design recommendations for optimal performance as well as a path to seamless transition from design to Testing through production.

Multiple Levels of Analysis

complete systems and their many sub-components

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