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Q1: What is the difference between the COFAN-PCb and COFAN-usa websites?

A: COFAN PCB (also known as COFAN CANADA) is the Canadian branch of COFAN USA that specializes in PCBs. We provide a separate site to cater to our PCB customers, but our customers can order any COFAN product through us.

Q2: What is the cofan group?

A: The COFAN group is made up of COFAN USA, its branches COFAN CANADA (COFAN PCB), COFAN TAIWAN, COFAN CHINA, and its subsidiaries like Flip Chip Opto, Violumas, and Ursa Lighting.

Q3: How do I get a quote?

A: You can get a quote from one of our sales representatives by emailing or through our Contact Us page. Please provide the following to ensure a quick and accurate quote:

  • Gerber data

  • PCB fabrication notes

  • Array drawing data

Q4: Is there a minimum amount for me to get a quote?

A: No, there is no minimum required for a quote.

Q5: How long does it take to receive a quote?

A: The average time is typically 6-8 hours. If the quote is marked urgent, we can get a quote to you within 2-4 hours. Complex PCB designs may take up to 24 hours.

Q6: Does my quote expire?

A: Yes, your quote will expire after 30 days from the day that you received it. However, we will try and find a solution for you even if you have an expired quote, so feel free to contact us.

Q7: Can I order FANS and heatsinks through COFAN PCB?

A: Yes, COFAN PCB can manage the orders for you.

Q8: Can I set up a stocking program?

A: Yes, we can hold your product(s) at our facilities. We will maintain stock based on the agreed inventory level and send you your product when needed. After all, good inventory management is key to a successful company.

A : Your quote is good for 30 days from the date you receive it via email. If you want to confirm the quote is still valid after the expiry date, please contact your sales representative.

Q9: Where is the manufacturing done?

A: We manufacture our PCBs and MCPCBs at our in-house facility in Taiwan, and metal work (heatsinks, fans, metal extrusions, etc.) at our facility in China.

Q10: Are the facilities ISO certified?

A: Yes, our facilities are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016 certified for quality management and environmental management systems. Our materials are UL listed for reliability to ensure that we provide quality, reliable products that exceed industry standards. Please see our Patents and Certifications page for more details.

Q11: What is the average lead time?

A: Lead times range from 3 days to 5 weeks, depending on the product, complexity, and quantity. For urgent orders, please contact your sales representative.

Q12: DO I have to pay for shipping?

A: COFAN PCB can include delivery to your location, but you will be responsible for any duties or import fees.

Q13: how do i get a refund, replacement, or repair (RMA)?

A: Please contact your sales representative to request an RMA. COFAN will then review the case and depending on the issue, we will either fix the problem or send you replacement products. 

With your RMA request, please include the following: 

  • Pictures 

  • A detailed explanation 

  • Part number 

  • Purchase order number (PO number)

Q14: What do the american tariffs On China mean for me?

A: Taiwan and Hong Kong are exempt from the tariffs on China, and our PCBs are all manufactured in Taiwan. Any non-PCB orders or products manufactured at our Chinese facility may be affected by the tariffs (up to a 25% increase). Please note that this is charged by the American government and not by COFAN.

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