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Case Study

Super Pillar™ Technology Case Study

When COFAN's customers want the best in thermal management for PCBs, we recommend our patented Super Pillar™️ technology.


We don't expect you to trust us on faith alone so we've partnered up with a customer of ours to do thermal tests (with a FLIR camera), pitting our Super Pillar™️ against our competitor's aluminum and copper MCPCBs with real, hard numbers.

Thermal Performance Test


  • 3 array constructions tested

    • Super Pillar, copper substrate (COFAN)

    • MCPCB, aluminum substrate (competitor)

    • MCPCB, copper substrate (competitor)

  • Target Tjmax=85°C

    • LED regulation to be enabled at Tjmax=90°C, intensity throttled

Competitor's MCPCB

COFAN Super Pillar technology

X-ray of the Super Pillar

Cofan's 2 Layer Copper Super Pillar


  • Spot 1 temperature: 94.5 (Tjmax)

  • Spot 2 temperature: 77.0

  • Sekisui KNDJ002 3mil

  • Breck Heatsink

  • 2500B5601-COFAN-1A SN 03

  • 1050mA / 1225mA (Lime)

  • t=30s

  • Sunon PMD2412PMB1-A(2).GN at 12V​

COFAN's Super Pillar thermal temperatures

Competitor's aluminum thermal temperatures

Competitor's 2 Layer Aluminum


  • Spot 1 temperature: 96.5

  • Spot 2 tempearture: 113.9 (Tjmax)

  • Breck heatsink

  • 2500B5601-1A SN 05

  • 1050mA / 1225mA (Lime)

  • t=30s

  • Sunon PMD2412PMB1-A(2).GN at 12V​

Competitor's copper thermal temperatures

Competitor's 2 Layer Copper


  • Spot 1 temperature: 88.9

  • Spot 2 temperature: 99.0 (Tjmax)

  • Breck Heatsink

  • 2500B5601-1A SN 05

  • 1050mA / 1225mA (Lime)

  • t=30s

  • Sunon PMD2412PMB1-A(2).GN at 12V​



  • Performance is highly dependent on the dielectric thickness.

    • There was a 33% improvement in cross-sectional areas when changing from 0.004” to 0.003” dielectric material.

  • High-performance dielectrics alone did not provide adequate dissipation from the LED package. A large, direct conduit (like COFAN's Super Pillar technology) are needed to draw sufficient heat away from the LEDs.

  • Our customer, convinced by the test, proceeded to order our 2-layer Super Pillar™️ product for its low LED temperatures.

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