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vapor chambers

What Are Vapor Chambers?

A vapor Chamber is a planer heat pipe, which can spread heat in two dimensions. They are typically used in high heat flux applications, or when two-dimensional spreading is required. Vapor Chamber technology enables higher CPUs with a higher TDP (or overclocked state) to be efficiently and effectively cooled to safe operating temperatures, extending component and product life. As shown in the diagram, vapor chamber features a wick design that filled with coolant. When heated, the coolant changes phase from a liquid to a gas and back again to transfer heat​

Benefits of Vapor Chamber

  • Elimination of hot spot

  • Better fin efficiency and equilibrium temperature


  • Size: 350 mm x 350 mm

  • Stickiness: 0.5 mm – 5.0 mm

  • Shape: Base on stamping and bending limitation

Heat Pipe VS. Vapor Chamber

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