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MCPCBs (Metal-Core Printed Circuit Boards)

What is an MCPCB?


Metal Core PCBs are engineered to merge a circuit board with a heat sink for better heat dissipation.


MCPCBs are made with three main layers:

1) An aluminum or copper base (heatsink),

2) A dielectric pre-preg insulator

3) Copper foil on top


LEDs are assembled at the top with the heat transferred across the surface of the MCPCB down to the attached heatsink. Aluminum is recommended for most applications due to its cost-effectiveness, weight, and thermal dissipation but copper offers the best thermal dissipation.


Why use MCPCBs?


MCPCBs offer 10 times the thermal conductivity of a standard FR-4 PCB, which means better heat dissipation, brighter lumen output, and a longer lasting product.


MCPCBs are used in high-powered LED lighting applications in many industries worldwide. Notable industries that use MCPCBs include automotive, lighting (UV, street, stage), medical, and military.


We can customize MCPCBs for your specific needs; for more information, please see PCB Capabilities.


Cofan MCPCB layers