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Hot-Swap Fan for 3U

Network Server

Our 3U height hot-swap fan assembly consists of a metal faceplate, latch, led indicator and blind mate connector allowing

hot-swap replacement of cooling fans without fbriong the system down.


Custom Thermo

Electric Cooler

Our custom thermo electric cooler assembly consists of an extruded heatsink, 4 fans with fan guards and custom harnessing attached to a peltier heat transfer device for mounting on the outside of an enclosed electronics panel.


Custom Fan Assembly

Simple Fan assembly consisting of 3 fans attached to a custom sheet metal bracket with a custom wire harness to connect the fans to power and monitor each of the fan's tachometer signals


Custom Machined


This custom machined heatsink  was built using 3axis machining techniques to provide a multi-level conduction surface and cooling blades with various keep out area along with threaded mounting inserts.

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