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At COFAN, we stand behind every product we ship out. Every DC Fan, AC Fan, DC Blower and Heatsink we ship undergoes rigorous testing before it leaves our shipping dock. All shipments include a copy of our inspection and test reports enabling our customers enhanced visibility and understanding within their own internal quality processes. Testing and inspection begins with the components and concludes with system level testing of the final product for every turnkey solution project. As an organization, we are dedicated to quality. We build it into our process, employee training, and every product we touch.

  • Cofan complies with industry standards :

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO14001:2015

  • OHSAS18001:2011

  • IPC-6011

  • IPC-6012B

  • ANSI/IPC-A-600

  • IPC-4101B

  • UL/CSA Safety Approvals

  • CE Declaration

  • RoHS Compliance

  • REACH Compliance

Copies of our ISO / OHSAS / IATF certificates can be downloaded from here:

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