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Reach Statement

Cofan Reach-SVHC Statement


Cofan USA is aware of the REACH regulation and will take all necessary actions to fully comply with its requirements, especially Title VIII § 67 and Annex XVII. Pre-Registration / Registration


Cofan USA devices do not exhibit intended release of chemical substances (listed in Annex XVII*) under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of their application. In line with the REACH regulation there will be NO need to register any substance. Following the in-depth evaluation of the chemical substance content in our products, Cofan USA confirms that Cofan USA devices except products mentioned on the following PDF do not contain any SVHC-candidates.

Impact on Availability of Products


Cofan USA confirms to undertake all necessary efforts to comply with REACH regulation to ensure continuous supply of Cofan USA products to our valued customers.


The REACH cert is to be updated whenever new SVHC are added; it will take up to two months from the date when the new SVHC are added.

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