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Engineering Services

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Cofan Team has more than 20 years of engineering experience in thermal design. Our design process decreased prototyping cost and accelerate time to market.

Feasibility Study

Cofan will conduct a thermal study to ensure product feasibly before you invest in a design and building the product.


Cofan is able to provide diverse thermal solutions manufactured in our ISA 9000 series certified factories.


Cofan will work closely with your engineering team to perform root cause analysis and redesign your existing product.

COFAN offers world-class engineering services from concept design all the way to the prototyping and manufacturing stages.

Our thermal team uses 6SigmaET as its primary thermal simulation tool. Utilizing 6SigmaET and its advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create accurate models of electronic equipment, COFAN is able to thermal simulation and feasibility studies.


COFAN has over 25 years of experience with thermal solutions like heatsink and fan designs, so we’re confident that our engineering services can help you overcome the toughest design challenges.

Engineering services are provided by COFAN USA—please visit their site to learn more.


Concept Design

During concept design, COFAN will work with you to get requirement and every solution is cater to your particular needs.


Initial Product Design

Conduct thermal analysis and CAD modelling.


Tool Testing

Provide production tooling and fixture design and fabrication.



Manufacture prototype per mechanical specs and conduct standard testing and verification.

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