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UVC Sanitation from the Hospital to Your Pocket

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

If you're curious about our UVC Ceramic PCB, we have a blog focused on its applications and benefits. Traditionally, UVC technology has been big and bulky, used in hospitals to improve air and water quality. Today, however, UVC has become small enough to be portable and useful in our day-to-day by sanitizing our phones, laptops, keyboards, anything we touch all day, every day.

We do everything on our phones these days, whether it's for banking, checking up on emails, or keeping in touch with friends and family, so it's no surprise that all the oil, bacteria, and germs that are benign on us start to fester on our personal gadgets. UVC sanitizers, using UVC Ceramic PCBs, are a convenient, water-free solution—especially useful on notoriously dirty airplanes.

Another great application for the UVC Ceramic PCB is UVC sanitation for toothbrushes. Sure, we run our toothbrushes under hot water, but a UVC sanitizer can ensure that it is truly clean from germs and bacteria. Some UVC sanitizers come in a portable "wand" form that allows it to be used for anything and everything, including other things that we tend to touch daily, like your keyboard, mouse, or laptop. Below, you can see Cleanty, a kickstarter project that was funded under a day.

The only concern I have with these portable UVC devices is its quality. UVC requires high powered LEDs to be effective, which produces a lot of heat, hence the need for unique PCBS like the UVC Ceramic PCB. Depending on the heat management/PCB used, the LEDs could have a short lifespan. Regardless, I love seeing companies integrate our PCBs into their end product, showcasing how technology (and its applications) are changing at a remarkable pace.

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