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Popular Applications for PCBs

We live in a world where we're bombarded by lights, screens, and wi-fi signals. Inside of each and every one of those things are PCBs, the thing that controls, cools, and enables the very thing to function as it should. Of course, depending on application, different PCBs have to be used but have you ever wondered what the most popular applications for PCBs are? Read on to find out!

Consumer Electronics

- Alarm clocks

- Cameras

- Microphones

- Cell phones

- Tablets

- Game consoles

- Computers

- Laptops

- Microwaves

- Refrigerators

Medical Devices

- Monitors (Blood sugar, pressure, heart rate, etc.)

- Scanners (CTs, Ultrasounds, etc.)

- Controllers (IVs, pacemakers, etc.)

Industrial Applications

- Drills

- Pressure controls/sensors

- Temperature controls/sensors

- Power converters/inverters

Automotive Applications

- Motor Control (Traction control)

- Headlights

- Windshield wipers

- Rearview cameras

- Surround-view cameras

- Light switches

- Infotainment/navigation systems

Aerospace Applications

- Torque sensors

- Force sensors

- Pressure sensors

- Atmospheric sensors

- Drones

Lighting Applications

- Street lighting

- Theatre lighting

- UV lighting

- Grow lights

Broadcasting & Telecommunication Applications

- Millions of different screens and switches

It's hard to imagine a world without PCBs, isn't it? I hope that helps visualize what it means to be surrounded by PCBs. There is plenty of overlap within different industries, and I've tried to highlight the more unique applications.

Having the right materials is key to flourishing in any industry, and that's why COFAN is proud to have served our partners for over 20 years and counting! Even if you already have a PCB supplier, we aren't afraid of putting our products up to the test.

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