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Cofan Introduces Copper Thermal Vias Embedded Aluminum Core PCBs for Thermal Dissipation Enhance

Cofan USA, a thermal management technology company, announced its new MCPCB product, Copper Via embedded Aluminum Core PCB. This highly thermal conductive MCPCB is comprised of a regular aluminum core PCB and a specially embedded Copper Via that effectively draws the heat from the elements bonded on the top surface and distributes it to the aluminum core of the MCPCB. This innovation enables circuit engineers to have much less thermal restriction in circuit design and it offers more flexibility in components selection This unique and cost effective process developed by Cofan USA to embed Copper Via onto the Aluminum Core is completely contamination-free, and it makes it possible to integrate into conventional Aluminum Core PCB manufacturing processes. As a result, the MCPCB’s thermal conductivity is further enhanced through the Copper Vias, with no increase in cost. The cost is the same as an Aluminum Core PCBs which is relatively much lower than that of Copper Vias on Copper Core PCB. This Copper Via embedded Aluminum Core PCB is currently available for order, and ready for market consumption as with the conventional MCPCB with Copper Vias on Copper Core. Purchase quantities are available for immediate delivery with standard lead times of 3 weeks. For further information:

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