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COFAN USA Acquires A&M Machining

Fremont, CA – August 3, 2018 – COFAN USA, a leader in thermal management solution has recently acquired A&M Machining. This move puts COFAN USA in a great position to attract NPI projects.

For over 25 years, A&M Machining provides prototyping, engineering, machining and assembly services for the telecommunications industry located in Campbell, California. Former Owner Marek Jez will stay on with the company, so there is no interruption to the great product and solutions A&M Machining has been offering for over 25 year.

“This is a smart acquisition for COFAN because we will be able to provide local CNC machining support and offer shorter lead times also hope to get additional customers that prefer to work with local suppliers. We need to engage business opportunities in the early stages and this acquisition is the key to bring us closer to our vision of becoming a world leading one-stop shop for all our customer’s engineering, manufacturing, and consulting needs. “ said COFAN USA President, Chang Han.


COFAN USA offers full range of servers from engineering thermal & mechanical design, thermal simulation to turnkey solutions. It aims to be the a world leading one-stop shop for all of its customers’ engineering, manufacturing, and consulting needs. Processes capabilities in CNC milling, extrusion, cold forging, injection molding, and sheet metalworking. More information regarding the company is available at

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