At COFAN, we have very strict company policies and philosophies that we adhere to for not only make the best product possible, but also to ensure that we’re doing what’s right for the community, environment, and society.

Quality Policy​

Our quality policy is borne out of our philosophy to provide the best products. We ensure our products meet our high standards by doing multiple tests, including:​

  • Visual inspection and electrical test

  • Impedance modelling and test

  • Solderability test

  • XRF (X-ray fluorescence) test

  • IPC standard

  • ISO 9001 certified

Quality Policy

  • Quality, Efficiency and Service

Environment Policy

  • Strictly obey the legislations and regulations for pollution prevention.

  • Continually improve the processes for saving the resources usage.

  • Progressively manufacture the environment-protected products for the benefits of human society

Health and Safety Policy

  • Strictly obey the legislations and regulations for the employee health and safety.

  • Continually create the health and safety working environment.

  • Progressively prevent the potential risk of endangering the health and safety.


  • 100% visual inspection and electrical test

  • Test data

  • IPC

  • Certification - ISO 9001

  • XRF test data

  • Solderability test

  • Impedance modelling/testing

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