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RO4400™ Series Prepreg Data Sheet

RO4450B™and RO4450F™ Prepreg

RO4000® dielectric materials have long been used in combination with FR-4 cores and prepreg as a means to achieve a performance upgrade of standard FR-4 multi-layer designs. RO4003C™, RO4350B™ , RO4360™ and RO4000 LoPro™ glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates have been used in layers where operating frequency, dielectric constant, or high-speed signal requirements dictate the need for high performance materials. FR-4 cores and prepreg are still commonly used to inexpensively form less critical signal layers.

The RO4400™ prepreg family is comprised of four grades based on the RO4000 series core materials, and are compatible in multi-layer constructions with either RO4003C, RO4350B, RO4360 or RO4000 LoPro laminates. A high post-cure Tg (>280°C / >536°F ) makes RO4400 series prepreg an excellent choice for multi-layers requiring sequential laminations as fully cured RO4400 prepregs are capable of handling multiple lamination cycles. In addition, FR-4 compatible bond requirements (177°C/350°F) permit RO4400 prepreg and low fl ow FR-4 prepreg to be combined into non-homogenous multi-layer constructions using a single bond cycle.

RO4450F™ prepreg has demonstrated improvement in lateral fl ow capability, and is becoming the fi rst choice for new designs or as a replacement in designs that have diffi cult fi ll requirements.

RO4450B™ prepreg is available in both 3.6 mil and 4.0 mil thicknesses. The electrical properties of these two prepreg thicknesses differ slightly due to the resin-to-glass ratio, and this should be taken into consideration during electrical design review. Each of the RO4450B and RO4450F prepregs are recognized by Underwriter Laboratories with the UL-94 fl ame rating, and are compatible with leadfree processes.
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