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VT-42RD/TC/Laminate VT-42PP/Prepreg


For Single Side\Double Side\Multilayer PWB Applications.

General Information

  • Dicy Cured System
  • Standard FR-4 (Tg140)
  • UV Blocking
  • Laser Fluorescing


VT-42TC Laminates are available in thickness from .002”to .200” and with the copper foil from 1/4oz to 12oz; Ventec can supply either reverse treated (RT) or double side treated copper foil. For cores ≤ .005”, it is recommended to use the reverse treated copper due to the low profile. The peel strength for RT foil is ≈1-2lbs/in (0.35Kg/m) less than Standard foil. VT-42PP pre-pregs are available in many E-Glass styles, such as 7628, 7629, 1506, 1500, 2113, 2313, 3313, 2116, 1080, 1086, 1078, 106 &1067

Storage Condition & Shelf Life

Prepreg Laminate
Temperature Below 23℃(73℉) Below 5℃(41℉) Room
Relative Humidity Below 55%RH / /
Shelf Time* 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months(airproof)
*The pre-preg exceeding shelf time should be retested.
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