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Multi layer constructions based on T-LAM DS 1KA & T-LAM PP 1KA

T-lam DS 1KA is a double sided circuit copper laminate bonded together with T-lam 1KA dielectric. T-lam DS 1KA laminates are processed through standard FR4 plate and etch operations. T-lam DS 1KA laminates are available in 6-8 mil dielectric and 0.5 – 4 ounce circuit copper combinations.

T-lam PP is a thick, high flow, thermally conductive pre-preg that bonds the T-lam DS board to either an aluminum or a copper base plate to complete the multi-layer insulated metal PCB (T-lam ML). T-lam PP 1KA is available in 8-12 mil thicknesses to maintain dielectric isolation on buried 4 ounce circuit copper traces.

The T-lam ML based on T-lam DS 1KA and T-lam PP 1KA materials have 8-10 times better thermal conductivity compared to FR4 and this is the key to keeping components cool. The T-lam ML 1KA boards are processed through standard pick and place SMT and manual wire bond operations.

Features and Benefits

  • UL® recognized up to 4 ounce copper internally
  • Create cooper core IMPCB without whole fill step
  • UL® RTI of 130°C
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Environmentally green


  • Multi-layer DC/DC power converters
  • Multi-layer LED substrates
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