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Thermal Clad Insulated Metal Substrate was developed by Bergquist as a thermal management solution for today's higher watt-density surface mount applications where heat issues are a major concern.

Thermal Clad is a cost-effective solution which can eliminate components, allow for simplified designs, smaller devices and an overall less complicated production processes. Additional benefits of Thermal Clad include lower operating temperatures, longer component life and increased durability.

Bergquist Thermal Clad substrates are not limited to use with metal base layers. In one example, power conversion applications can enhance their performance by replacing FR-4 with Thermal Clad dielectrics in multi-layer assemblies. In this application, the thickness of the copper circuit layer can be minimized by the high thermal performance of Thermal Clad.

Thermal Clad is a complete thermal management system, unlike traditional technology which uses heat sinks, clips and other mounting hardware. Thermal Clad enables low-cost production by eliminating the need for costly manual assembly
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