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SMTA & Final Assembly(OEM)

What we can provide
With our strength of MCPCB, heat sink, assembly and full function design capabilities, we can provide a one stop total solution to LED lighting OEM/ ODM customers from component, light engine to complete set.

In addition to the manufacturing all types of printed circuit boards, Cofan PCB is committed to delivering Surface Mount PCB assemblies to our customers with high quality and quick-turn-around at competitive pricing. Cofan offers a full range of electronic assembly services. Our in-house engineering staff provides superior and timely pre- and post-production support to ensure that you meet all your deadlines.

Our business is based on strong partnerships and relationships built around our customers. This requires a focus on the customer and a flexibility of our processes to deliver beyond the expectations of our customers. It is a bold claim, and it is our promise to every customer that we work with. Our dedication, attention to detail, and flexible approach mean the projects are to be completed on time and on budget.

Our mission is to provide our customers with Surface Mount assemblies built to specifications at competitive cost while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship and thorough inspection per ISO 9001:2000 and per our customers' instructions. Metal Core PCB serves a diverse group of customers including electronic manufacturers of medical instrumentation, consumer electronics, and commercial products.
  • From design to manufacture
  • Control from raw material to key components
  • Thermal module, driver, optical lens, MCPCB, power supply
Light Engine
  • Semi-finished standard products
  • Combination of light source, mechanical parts, optics, power units
  • Ready to be build into your lighting applications
Complete Set Product
  • Custom complete lighting fixture design
  • Mechanical, electrical, optical, thermal and ID design services
  • System integration & manufacturing services

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