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Single Sided

  • Single Sided with Metal Base
  • Wide Selection of Thermally Conductive PP
  • Fully Automation Production Line to Provide Competi tive Pricingg


  • Street lighting
  • Mass Production at Low cost
  • LED Light Engines
  • General Lighting
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Cofan has the solution for your printed circuit board thermal management needs. With our knowledge of thermal management we will find the right solution for you whether it is a single sided or multi-layer design construction. Cofan will support you from prototype stage right through to the production of small to large quantities from the far east.
What is a MCPCB? A metal core printed circuit board integrates a heat spreader in the form of a base material- generally aluminum or copper alloy-which is incorporated into the PCB. It achieves a reduced thermal resistance by making use of dielectric polymer prepreg. This provides a transferring heat rate 8-12 times faster than a conventional FR4 PCB.
With a wide range of constructions, Cofan can support your single sided, 2 layer or multi-layer requirements. A wide range of capabilities allows you to add thermal vias, filled vias and blind vias to your design. Our dielectric polymer prepreg materials offer some of the best thermal management properties for LED Lighting, DC-DC power and Military applications. All materials are UL approved with Cofan to ensure safety and traceability. For more extreme LED lighting applications contact us about our “Super Pillar” technology. This allows for a thermal conductivity up to 300W/mk and is a unique product only through Cofan. For bendable or non-rigid MCPCB designs, enquire about our new material able to bend and shape to different angles used for LED lighting.
We understand the need for rapid manufacturing lead times and high quality product. At Cofan we can support you with fast lead times and ensure you get your boards delivered on-time defect free.