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FR4 Capabilities

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General Capabilities

  • Single Sided
  • Double Sided
  • Multi Layer
  • Burried Via
  • Blind Via
  • Impedance Controlled
  • Micro Via
  • Laser Drilling
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Epoxy filled vias

Specific Capabilities

Attribute: see (*) below as applies S/Sided D/Sided Multilayer Advanced
Minimum Line/Spacing, Internal Layer N/A N/A .004Ħħ/.004Ħħ .003Ħħ/.003Ħħ
Minimum Line/Spacing, External Layer .007Ħħ/.008Ħħ .007Ħħ/.008Ħħ .005Ħħ/.005Ħħ .003Ħħ/.003Ħħ
Aspect Ratio (Thickness to Drill) 6:1 6:1 8:1 10:1
Minimum Drilled Hole Size .010Ħħ .008Ħħ .008Ħħ .008Ħħ
Land Size Internal (Diameter Over Drill) N/A N/A .015Ħħ .012Ħħ
Land size External (Diameter Over Drill) .012Ħħ .012Ħħ .012Ħħ .010Ħħ
Plane Clearance (Diameter Over Drill) .030Ħħ .030Ħħ .030Ħħ .024Ħħ
Plated Hole Tolerance +/- .003Ħħ +/- .003Ħħ +/- .003Ħħ +/- .002Ħħ
Minimum Dielectric Thickness N/A N/A .0025Ħħ .002Ħħ
Minimum Core Thickness N/A N/A .004Ħħ .003Ħħ
Minimum PCB Thickness ** .017Ħħ .018Ħħ .020Ħħ .020Ħħ
Maximum PCB Thickness .125Ħħ .125Ħħ .250Ħħ .250Ħħ
Thickness Tolerance (%) +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 5
Maximum Board Dimensions * 16Ħħ x 52Ħħ * 19Ħħ x 22Ħħ * 17Ħħ x 23Ħħ * 17Ħħ x 23Ħħ *
Fabrication Tolerances (overall dimension) +/- .010Ħħ +/- .010Ħħ +/- .010Ħħ +/- .005Ħħ
Bow and Twist (Through Hole) % 1.5 1.5 1.5 1
Bow and Twist (SMT) % .75 .75 .75 .75
Minimum Conductor to Edge .015Ħħ .015Ħħ .015Ħħ .010Ħħ
Layer to Layer Registration Tolerance N/A .004Ħħ .004Ħħ .003Ħħ
Component Pitch .025Ħħ .025Ħħ .025Ħħ .015Ħħ
Soldermask Clearance .005Ħħ .005Ħħ .005Ħħ .004Ħħ
Soldermask Dams .005Ħħ .005Ħħ .005Ħħ .004Ħħ
Impedance Tolerance (>50 Ohms) % +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 8
Maximum Layers 1 1 12 16
Minimum Copper Weight Inners (oz.) N/A N/A 1/4
Maximum Copper Weight Int. Ground (oz.) N/A N/A 3 8
Maximum Copper Weight Int. Signal (oz.) N/A N/A 2 6
Maximum Copper Weight Ext. Ground (oz.) 4 4 2 10
Maximum Copper Weight Ext. Signal (oz.) 4 4 3 10
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